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Solo Reflection: The Friends and the Hut

One hot day in early summer four old friends, separated by different colleges, met up at a park to hang out and play for old times sake. After many hours of reliving childhood on the swings and merry-go-round the four friends began so seek shade to escape the midday sun. After walking down a dirt path they come upon a peculiar hut made of what looked like gray canvas and shower curtains. They first thought to stray away from the structure thinking it was a bum's hut but it's location in the middle of a field sparked too much curiosity. They cautiously ventured over to the hut and as one of the friends peered in she saw that within the structure were places to sit. As they entered, the relief from the sun relaxed them and soon they began talking about their college adventures and old memories of good times. The cross breeze from the doors on opposite walls was refreshing. The friends continued to hand out at the refuge throughout the summer as if it were their own personal oasis from life and the outside world.

Solo Reflection: The Fourth New Beginning

Our second semester of second year has begun with what I see as one of the most interesting and entertaining designs of the past 2 years. Working with Clarissa, Jeff, and Wesley we will design a shelter out of only found materials where people can socialize. After dumpster diving the first day we were able to find an abundance of cloth tarps and cardboard which can be used as walls/seating and structural support respectively. When determining how many people our shelter should hold we decided on five to allow the possible of intimate conversation among a small crowd. We are focusing on a hexagon shape for our space with two entrances to allow for circulation and light. As we move forward I am sure our design will change but as of right now we are set on having a space where everyone will be able to see and converse with each other without any obstetricals.