Sunday, August 29, 2010

Powers of 10

Powers of 10 has changed my way of thinking as a designer in many different ways. The first being that changed perspectives can offer different and better views of designs. I showed this is my interpretation of this film by creating an optical illusion within a room. My plan was for the viewer to walk into the room and see a disarrayed group of lines but as they move into the correct perspective they are able to see the picture as a whole. My way of thinking has also been changed by the idea of zooming in and zooming out. By zooming in you take more notice of the details within a design. These small details are what come together to make the design complete and cohesive. By zooming out you look at the design as a whole and look at the big picture. This allows you to see if everything is cohesive and complete. The two must go together to make sure that the design is the best it can be. Finally, the film has allowed me to see that no design is ever complete. Design is ever-changing and what one person may see as perfect and complete another may see as incomplete and still needs improving. This is also where designers must realize where to stop when designing so they do not overdo it.

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