Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Design Development

Using my concept of a rolling wave and trying to stay with the theme of water for these units, I made my design decisions based on the aspects of water such as the movement, color, and relaxing nature of it. Water is very organic in movement and I wanted to soften the space by creating more curves and replacing the sharp corners with smoother and softer shapes. The furniture used in the main activity space is curvy in shape to create a more inviting area to sit. The design of the chairs create personal space with the higher sides and backs so that it can envelope the children in the chairs but still allows them to see over the sides to communicate with others and be seen by the nurses. With the partition I designed, I wanted to design it so that it would define different spaces but still allow for connections and viewing from all over the entire space. My design started with sketches that represent waves and I chose the one I placed in the space because if offers the option for a third space to separate the patients from each other. I also based many of my design decisions on the knowledge that the hospital has a budget to be considered. Because of this I wanted to work with what I knew they could afford and work with aspects that already did somewhat work for them but with some tweaking. This is seen in the custom storage unit that I developed.

Activity Room Design

Early Floor Design

Preliminary Presentation Floor Design

Custom Storage Design

Preliminary Presentation Model

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