Sunday, October 3, 2010

Seth Riskin

Seth Riskin's lecture on the anthropology of light focuses on the history of light and how it is perceived in different cultures. In many cultures light is seen as a representation of holiness, a higher being, power, as well as others. he also spoke of how light is something so vital to our existence but we cannot see it without being reflected off of other objects. Many people think that light can be seen when they think of sun rays that can be seen through the clouds. But really they are seeing light bouncing off the small particles of dust or water and allowing light to be seen.

The question asked at the end of the lecture about the perspective of light being changed between him preforming with light and viewing his performance with light was very interesting. It's interesting because of how he can further experience light in such a way because he has the experience of having a twin. He knows what it is to be in the light but he also know what it is to view it from a different perspective.

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